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Xpect Process Intelligence revolutionizes business process and performance management
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In many companies, process models are only created when an audit or certification is due. However, these diagrams are often only used for visualization and have little practical relevance, especially as they may not reflect the company's day-to-day routine. This can make their creation seem like a chore. But what if the full potential of well-modeled processes could be exploited? And what if it were really easy? Xpect Process Intelligence brings your business processes to life.
Powerful Process Capturing
Capture processes in your preferred way. Import diagrams, textual descriptions, screencasts, or videos. Xpect Process Intelligence (XPI) uses generative AI and specialized LLMs to process various input formats and capture all processes in a structured and precise manner. XPI provides the necessary tools to simplify modeling, even if you are starting from scratch. No matter how you choose to proceed, XPI will document your processes in a format that conforms to current industry standards and will provide you with numerous additional benefits by linking the models to data sources and structured knowledge about your business and the people who work in it.
Collaborate on process models
Collaborate on process models with XPI, enabling experts from different disciplines to work together on modeling without having to learn each other's specialty. Take advantage of best practices and pre-structured example processes that can be easily customized to your organization. Validate process structure, functionality, and compliance with important rules such as segregation of duties or coverage of relevant risks through appropriate controls.
Examine your processes from various viewpoints and identify and rectify ineffective task assignments or resource deployments. Keep multiple versions of your processes for documentation and future traceability purposes.
Understanding Processes
XPI represents your processes in a way that enables in-depth analysis. With XPI, process models are not just boxes with arrows, but mathematical objects that have a clear meaning - semantics - as they are linked to knowledge. This enables XPI to check fundamental properties of processes, such as adherence to certain standards or compliance rules, and predict impending violations. XPI detects unwanted interactions between processes as well as unacceptable deviations from planned procedures.
By simply loading additional sets of rules, process analytics can be expanded to include various DIN or ISO standards, regulatory requirements, and company-specific compliance and business rules that are checked for conformance across all processes. If a regulation changes, the affected processes can be automatically identified. The assurance of compliance gives your managers the freedom to focus on business issues.
Say Hello to your Process!
Time to chat with your processes! Introducing Xenia, our new process-dedicated chatbot
Xpect Process Intelligence combines the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence with well-known algorithmic methods from process and knowledge analysis to bring your processes to life.
With full access to the results of process analytics and all the knowledge captured about your business, interaction with Xenia provides complete transparency regarding processes, responsibilities and potential risks. This gives your employees full confidence in their actions at all times.
The Technology
Discover the magic behind Xpect
An orchestrated combination of generative AI, knowledge graphs, and formal reasoning enables the separation of generic analytics components and the representation of knowledge in respective application areas. This allows for easy exchange of different regulations, standards, or certification requirements. The representation of a company's processes and special features remains unaffected. Worried about the loss of important business information? Xpect Process Intelligence has you covered. Our system can be completely self-hosted.
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“Thanks to Xpect, we could finally raise the documentation and clarification of our audit strategy to a new level.”
Christian Koch, Managing Partner at Dornbach
“20-30 % faster in capturing, analysing, and understanding clients' processes, risks, and controls.”
“Already used with more than 15 of our audit clients so far.”
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